Hey Curls!

Natural By Nature is more than an online store. Our mission on the homepage talks about the need for community and how you can be involved. This is why we are introducing Naturally Yours, the newest part to Natural By Nature where you can share all things natural hair! Our regular blog will be here for you to read but anything that is posted on Naturally Yours is by you and your fellow naturalistas!

Our vision for Naturally Yours is a platform of expression. It’s for those who have had natural hair for years to those who are just at the beginning of their hair journey. Naturally Yours is the destination to learn about natural hair from other women.  Hair tips women from London to New York can enjoy, all on one platform, are only just some of the aspects we want. Posts such Feature Friday, where you show off your stunning photos of your hair #bighairdontcare, as well as Tip Tuesday where you can share your tips to other natural headed women are some of the ways this platform can grow. Naturally Yours is a community; a warm and welcoming space for learning and sharing. Fed up with texture discrimination? Then air out your frustrations!  Can’t get over how Lupita Nyong’o is still slaying with her natural hair? Shout it from the rooftops, or at least on Naturally Yours!

So come and join the new community hub on Natural By Nature. We want every woman to be involved, so join us at Naturally Yours. Send your tips, pics, opinions and more to info@natural-by-nature.co.uk

Keep updated with more information about Naturally Yours on our social media pages!

Naturally Yours,

Natural By Nature