Throughout November, we will have different natural hair bloggers joining our platform. They will be sharing their personal hair journeys or natural hair tips or both! Be inspired, be encouraged and gain some knowledge. Join our bloggers and let’s share all things natural hair! Our second guest blogger is Chengetai . She is giving her tips about what all naturalistas have to go through… wash day! 

If you’re anything like me you probably dread wash day. It takes a lot of effort, products and the entire day. So, it’s always helpful to have some tips to help you get through it as quickly as possible and hopefully without a cutting all your hair off in frustration!

Pre-poo: this is optional so just skip this bit if you’re hoping to get through wash day as fast as possible. However, it does provide your hair with that added moisture especially in these upcoming cold winter days. It consists of saturating the hair with an oil and covering the hair with a plastic cap (or bag) for 30 minutes or overnight. This is a useful step for when you detangle.

Detangling: Always start with the ends! I can’t stress this enough, do not start at the roots. I find it a lot easier to do this step when I have wet my head a little. I wouldn’t advise skipping this step, even though it is tremendously tedious, because without it your hair may become matted and knotted at a later stage.

Shampoo & conditioner: It’s best to use a sulfate free shampoo as sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate can be incredibly drying for our hair. Putting your hair into 4 or more sections will make it a lot easier and lead to a more thorough wash.

Deep condition: The deep conditioner of your choice can be kept in for 15 minutes or even over-night if you wish. This is a necessary step especially after shampooing! You can either use a store bought conditioner such as Cantu Natural Deep Conditioner or you can make your own. Below are 3 easy recipes for some deep conditioning treatments you can try.

  1. Olive oil and honey. 1/2 cup of honey and 1/2 cup of oil mixed together. This will help to hydrate your hair.
  2. Egg whites, natural yogurt and olive oil. Do not keep in your hair for long. Egg whites are full of protein which will thicken the hair and make the follicle stronger.
  3. Banana. Make sure to blend thoroughly, or you’ll be left with bits of banana in your hair. Before you think I’m crazy, Bananas are full of potassium which strengthens and moisturisers the hair.

I hope this has been useful and wish you many more pleasant wash days.

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