1. Magical hair growth

You follow your favourite hair blogger and she has done the big chop or maybe your friend has. After a year, their hair is fuller and longer than its ever been. You’re in your fifth year of being natural and you don’t understand why everyone’s hair is growing like a weed and you’re stuck at collar bone length. You may turn to hair supplements  or try every trend in the natural hair book, for example the inversion method, which involves oiling your hair and turning your head upside down to stimulate growth. We cannot personally debunk these promises of quick hair growth, and others out there, as these methods have worked for people but remember everyone is different; genetics and diet play a major part in how fast your hair grows as well.

2. Water is not a moisturiser

Wait, it’s not? The title is misleading; it’s not quite what we’re saying. Moisture, moisture, moisture. This is what naturals will always hear. However, it’s how you moisturise your hair with water that’s important. It is definitely a juggling act. Lightly spraying water on dry hair is only so effective likewise as is drenching your hair with water to moisturise it. To retain moisturise in your hair, especially if it is porous, make sure you SEAL it in. That’s why the L.O.C or L.C.O method really helps. In short, water needs added help to ensure its helping you moisturise your hair.

3. Trimming your hair makes it grow

No, this is a hair myth that has been around for a while. Trimming your hair promotes the health and appearance  of your hair – it is recommended that trims should be around every 12 weeks. Also, new growth is from the scalp with and the oldest hair is at the bottom. Remember, there is no point holding on to split ends just for length! Once the hair strand has split it must be cut off. Split ends can only travel up and so it can only result in shorter hair.

4. Natural hair is stronger and healthier than relaxed hair

Yes and no. Relaxers use chemicals to break down the bonds of the hair shaft which allows the hair to be straightened. As natural hair is of course unprocessed therefore the hair structure is not weakened by chemicals in relaxers. However, this doesn’t mean that natural hair is instantly healthier. If the hair is dry and brittle, breaking more than growing, and no proper care is given to the hair, then guess what, it’s not strong or healthy!

5. Natural hair isn’t for everyone

Ermm… it grows out of your scalp, how is it not for you!? However, we understand that there may be frustrations in regards to caring for a curly hair texture especially after having relaxed or texturised hair! Natural hair needs as much TLC as possible, and so this is where the misconception that it is “too difficult to handle” stems from. However, regardless of hair texture, it needs taking care of. Put in that extra little effort for natural hair and it can only thrive!

What are the biggest misconceptions or myths that you have heard about natural hair? Let us know!