December is finally here and so the festivities begin! Work dos will be the time when you can get out of the office, get into party mode and dine and or drink the night away, yes the healthy regime that you tried to maintain will go out of the window but hey it’s Christmas. You may have already carefully crafted the outfit(s) needed for the Christmas dinner/party you are going to attend. The sky high heels? Check, The glittery dress/jumpsuit/blazer? Check. How about your hair? You know you want something different from your usual day to day look, but what? If you are stuck for inspiration, look below to our picks for looking the belle of the ball (or at least the belle of your office party!)

1.Glamorous Updo

What hairstyle is more elegant and provides the “wow factor” than an updo. Turn heads at your Christmas party!

2. Sleek &  Straight 

Is it time to brave the heat? We know you all love your curls but for the occasion of Christmas, change up your look and go for the straight look and then you can really let your hair down! Make sure your hair is deep conditioned the night before and you have used a leave in conditioner such as the Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner. We recommend you to thoroughly detangle and section your hair to start the straightening process. With one hand, use a rat tail comb and run it down the section of your hair and with the other hand, use the straightener to follow the motion of the comb. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant product or an oil like coconut oil before straightening!

3. Versatile Wigs

We love the versatility of wigs!  Years ago, wigs were just not on point. It was obvious when someone was wearing a wig and unfortunately, they weren’t very stylish. This has (thankfully) changed! There are so many wigs that are of good quality, it’s hard to know where to start! If you have many Christmas parties to attend, keep them guessing by constantly switching up your style. Straight, curly, short, mid length, the possibilities are endless! An added bonus, wigs are a great protective style, so choosing a wig for your party is a big win!

4. Not Just A White Christmas

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas but we say scratch that and introduce some colour into the season! Whether you want to be bold with your colour choice or continue the summer trend of pastel colours, you can paint the town red, purple, burgundy, blonde….

Let us know what hairstyle you will be rocking for your Christmas party!