Ingredient Glossary

Some ingredients that you see in the products may look scary and off putting. “If I can’t pronounce it, it can’t be natural”. However, this is not necessarily the case!  Natural By Nature will ensure transparency about the ingredients in the products that we sell. We also want you to be clued up about common ingredients found across hair products, regardless if it is natural or not.

Benzyl alcohol- mostly used as a preservative. It can be found naturally in essential oils like ylang ylang.

Behentrimonium Methosulphate- used for detangling purposes and is derived from rapeseed oil.

Cetyl Alcohol- Cetyl alcohol is part of the group of fatty alcohols and is used as an emulsifier.

Citronellol- Used for fragrance, this is made from essential oils

Ethanol- This is a short chain alcohol and can dry out hair.

Linalool- This naturally occurs in many plants and flowers for example mint. Due to its floral smell, linalool would function as a fragrance in a hair product.

Panthenol- The pro-vitamin B5 is thought to add more moisture to the hair. Also, it is thought to add body and suppleness to hair.

Paraben- This is a preservative commonly used in beauty and health care products which helps to expand its shelf life. There hasn’t been conclusive evidence but there has been some debate as to whether parabens are harmful. Again, this has been inconclusive.

Petrolatum/Mineral Oil- As a by product of crude oil, petrolatum and mineral oil  adds shine to hair and creates a barrier so moisture does not escape from the hair. On the other hand, as it coats the hair and creates a film, this adds to product build up and moreover, moisture cannot enter the hair or scalp.

Phenoxyethanol- this is used as an alternative preservative to parabens.

SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This is a cheap ingredient that can be found across many personal care products. SLS is what makes shampoo bubble and foam which in turn helps to strip away the dirt and oil. However, it does strip away the hair’s natural oils (sebum) which leaves the hair very dry and brittle. That is why it is considered a harsh ingredient to use. However,  many brands are starting to use alternatives in their shampoos.