We can all say that 2016 has been a difficult and tumultuous year.  However, there were some great news throughout 2016  regarding natural hair!  Here is our year in review of natural hair- enjoy!

January– We start 2016 knowing that data analysis from Mintel suggests that the natural hair movement is not going anywhere. The black hair care market (in the US) shows that the sales of relaxers are continuing to decline.

February- Social media is a place that women with natural hair will definitely get support! After Tayjha Deleveaux, a student at a high school in the Bahamas, had her hair labelled untidy and unruly by her headteacher, many took to social media with #supportthepuff in solidarity.

March- London based photographer Dazhane Leah created a great project called Afro Blooming showing the beauty of natural hair by blending afros and flowers- the true meaning of natural by nature we believe!

afro blooming

April- What can we say, this month saw the LAUNCH of Natural By Nature! An online store that is for all your natural hair needs with hair products that is full of natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Oh and also, a well known singer released an album called ‘Lemonade’… “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros”…

May- Lupita Nyong’o absolutely stunned at the Met Ball! Vogue Magazine said that she had the “most talked about hair of the night”. However, Vogue thought Nyong’o’s hair was homage to a style that Audrey Hepburn had which was featured in the magazine in 1963. Lupita Nyong’o quickly shut this notion down, where she put a video on her Instagram showing the true inspiration for her hair, which was Nina Simone and distinct styles worn by African women.

June- Benny Harlem, a model based in Los Angeles, delighted everyone with his epic instagram pictures featuring natural hair that he and his daughter rocked with style- a great daddy and daughter duo.

benny harlem

July- Another hashtag came in the form of #blacksalonproblems where women shared countless memes and stories about trips to the hair salon.We have a post about it on our blog- check it out!

August- South African school girls who attended Pretoria High School held protests to speak out against discriminatory treatment because of their natural hair.

September- Solange Knowles releases ‘A Seat At The Table’ where the fast iconic album image gained countless imitations. One track included ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’, you can’t say it any plainer than that Solange!

October- Celebrating Black History Month, BET had a series of interviews with various bloggers and Youtubers about their relationship with their hair.

November- The cutest video went viral with a baby enjoying her hair being washed. The video was shared on Facebook by her father Taveon Glenn and has over 30m views. In all the doom and gloom, it was lovely to see such a sweet and simple moment.

December- The Victoria Secret Fashion Show returned and we were treated to not one but three gorgeous women who proudly rocked their natural hair. Maria Borges, Jourdana Phillips and Herieth Paul take a bow!

And that’s it! Our picks of natural hair news in 2016. Is there anything that we missed and we should have included? Comment below or tell us on social media!